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We Get It...

Hey There Newcomer,

We won't want to waste your time.  You've gotten to this page for a few reasons...
You might think we're out to scam you, maybe you're just doing some wish-list shopping, or just checking out our shipping rates.
Whatever the case may be, we wanted to make sure you know that we're owned and operated by normal people.  People just like you.
We understand that survival equipment isn't just some old trinket you use once and throw away.  We fully realize that the products we sell may make the difference between life and death in a catastrophic situation.  Lastly, and most importantly, we take great pride in knowing that our products might save not only your life, but your family's.  
While today might not be the day you decide to purchase with us.  Please know we are honored to have your business and are here to serve you when the time comes.

All the best,

The Team at Survival Gear Store